Davis All-Cap Equity


    • Fundamentals-based, bottom-up research conducted in house
    • Davis All-Cap Equity holdings represent high conviction ideas from a universe of investment opportunities across market capitalizations
    • Benchmark agnostic
    • Team managed
    • Significant co-investment in strategy

    Investment Philosophy

    For more than 50 years Davis Advisors has adhered to the same time-tested investment discipline of buying durable businesses at value prices and holding them for the long term. As a sign of our commitment to all those who have entrusted us with their capital, the Davis family, Davis Advisors, employees and directors have more than $2 billion invested side by side with clients.1

    Investment Process

    Davis Advisors employs a bottom-up, fundamentals-based approach to equity investing, studying individual companies on their own merits. Conducting firsthand, in-depth research we carefully weigh management quality, the strength of each business model, sustainable competitive advantages and valuations among other factors. We then set out to build portfolios, company by company, always taking into account how much we could potentially lose before considering how much we might stand to gain. 

    Performance as of 3/31/24

    Total Returns
    as of March 31, 2024
    1Q242 1
    Davis All-Cap Equity
    9.49% 35.69% 9.50% 14.55% 11.38% 10.36%
    Davis All-Cap Equity
    (net of fees)
    9.38 35.17 9.07 14.08 10.87 9.70
    S&P 1500 Index 10.31 29.15 10.98 14.68 12.64 8.14

    The performance presented represents past performance of the Davis Multi-Cap Equity Composite and is not a guarantee of future results. Total return assumes reinvestment of dividends and capital gain distributions. Investment return and principal value will vary so that an account might realize a gain or loss. Current performance may be higher or lower.

    Gross performance presented does not reflect the deduction of investment advisory fees. A client’s returns will be reduced by the advisory fees and other expenses it may incur as a client. The reader is referred to Davis Advisors’ Form ADV Part 2 for a full disclosure of the fee schedule. As fees are deducted quarterly, the compounding effect will be to increase the impact of the fees by an amount directly related to the gross account performance. For example, on an account with a 1% annual fee, if the gross performance is 10%, the compounding effect of the fees will result in a net performance of approximately 8.93%.

    See Fact Sheet for additional disclosures.

    1Includes Davis Advisors, the Davis family and Foundation, our employees, and Fund directors in similarly managed accounts and strategies as of March 31, 2024.

    2Returns for periods less than one year are not annualized.