Investing through
Challenging Times

Our thoughts are with our shareholders and their advisors at this time. Below we offer perspective and thoughts on distinguishing between short-term volatility and potential long-term opportunities being created.


“Investment opportunities are the greatest when investors are more concerned with short-term uncertainty than long-term durability. While we are in a volatile period, share prices of select durable businesses can now be purchased at 50-70% off. By focusing on facts rather than emotions, rational long-term investors can pursue wealth for tomorrow by buying these valuable companies at potentially bargain prices.”

Christopher C. Davis,
Portfolio Manager and Chairman

PM Special Update

The Current Market, Emerging Opportunities and how we’re analyzing every one of our companies

Investor Education

Unique Davis Attributes

  • Fifty Years of Experience

    For three generations, the Davis Family has built wealth by purchasing durable, well-managed businesses at value prices and holding them for the long term.

    Aligned with Shareholders

    With more than $2 billion invested in similarly managed accounts and strategies*, we experience the same risks and reap the same rewards.

    Long-Term Investment Results

    Davis Advisors has a history of delivering strong, consistent investment results through full market cycles. Click here to learn more about our long-term results.

* As of December 31, 2019. This includes Davis Advisors, the Davis family and Foundation, our employees, and Fund Directors.
Due to circumstances related to the effects of COVID-19, the Securities and Exchange Commission has issued an order extending the due date for delivery of the annual Form ADV Part 2 update. Certain wrap sponsors are relying on this order for delivery of Davis Advisors update to clients because the vendor delivering these documents by mail has encountered delays due to social distancing and other developments associated with COVID-19. This is only impacting clients of certain investment advisory programs (which includes certain programs sponsored by UBS Financial Services Inc.). The current version of Davis Advisors Form ADV Part 2 & 3 is available here.

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